Design and launch your campaigns on Facebook

During the Facebook Ads Bootcamp you will be guided through the design, development and launch of your Facebook campaigns with a view to increasing customers and sales.

Bootcamp Facebook Ads
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Who does the Facebook Ads Bootcamp address?


You wish to improve your ROI but are aware that you cannot delegate the core activities driving business success.

Marketing Managers

You wish to create effective marketing systems to improve ROI and ROAS.


You wish to learn about the most effective and measurable marketing systems so as to finally deliver concrete result to your customers.

Benefits of the Facebook Ads Bootcamp

Monitor the customer’s purchasing process. Create an ecosystem that can take your leads, with full awareness, from the highest leg of the Customer Journey to the Conversion and Customer Satisfaction phase.

Our method has been created to generate excellent medium-to-long-term performance.

Facebook Ads Strategy

You will learn to apply a precise process for creating a sound online sales system through simple Facebook Ads.

New customers, systematically

You’ll start using Facebook like a professional, making the most of it as a precious source of leads interested in your products/services.

Control over the Purchasing Process

Learn to create an ecosystem that can take your leads from the highest leg of the Customer Journey to the Conversion phase.

How is the Facebook Ads Bootcamp structured?

  • 2-day operational master class
  • Consultant at your side throughout the 2 days
  • Fundamentals of Facebook & Instagram
  • Control over the purchasing process
  • Strategy development
  • Operational strategy implementation
  • “Earthing” the strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Campaign KPIs
  • Operational workshop
  • Campaign creation
  • Q&A Session
Bootcamp Facebook Ads

Who will lead the Facebook Ads Bootcamp?

During the 2-day operational seminar, Yari Cosmai, an expert in Facebook Ads, will accompany you step-by-step with the aim of creating your own campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Facebook Ads Bootcamp aims to guide you step-by-step in the design of your Facebook Advertising strategy, following the rules of the most important social network on a global scale.

Up to 2 people per Company. Our advice is to involve the person in charge with the technical aspects of the business and the one who handles strategic aspects. On request, it is possible to participate in larger groups.

The Facebook Ads Bootcamp is a 2-day operational seminar. Yari Cosmai, the Bootcamp leader, and a dedicated consultant will guide you step by step with the aim of developing your very own Facebook Advertising strategy.


No, all the Funnel Bootcamp® operational seminars are designed to turn theory into practice, so you can go back home with effective products you can use right away.

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