Automate your Marketing processes.

In marketing today, you need to have an automatic marketing system made up of various elements, the aim of which is to steer the user along a logical path by communicating value and creating a long-term quality relationship.

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Who does the Funnelling Bootcamp address?


You wish to improve your ROI by identifying the core activities driving business success.

Marketing manager

You wish to create effective marketing systems to improve ROI and ROAS.


You wish to apply the most effective and measurable marketing systems so as to finally deliver concrete result to your customers.

Benefits of the Funnelling Bootcamp

Based on your strategy and goals, we build a tailor-made marketing system, selecting the elements that will enable us to create a reliable, well-oiled machine.

Our method has been created to generate excellent medium-to-long-term performance.

Active marketing system

You’ll learn to create an active system, moving beyond a mere online presence.

Automated process

We’ll create a measurable ecosystem to generate new customers and increase sales.

Optimised conversions

You’ll have a system that allows you to implement a continuous cycle of automatic sales.

How is the Funnelling Bootcamp structured?

  • 2-day operational master class
  • Consultant at your side throughout the 2 days
  • Intro ClickFunnels + Funnel Structure
  • Types of funnel
  • Operational Funnel and Copy workshop
  • Funnel Sharing
  • Intro Email Marketing + Tools + Scripts
  • Lists and Automations
  • Intro ActiveCampaign
  • Operational ActiveCampaign workshop
  • Funnel Launch
  • Q&A Session
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Who will lead the Funnelling Bootcamp?

During the 2-day operational seminar, Alessandro Bentivoglio, an expert in funnel marketing systems, will accompany you step-by-step with the aim of creating your own marketing system.

Alessandro Bentivoglio

Frequently Asked Questions

The Funnelling Bootcamp allows you to design your online marketing system step by step. During the 2 Funnelling Bootcamp sessions you will be guided through the creation of your own funnel using ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign and ConversionControl.


Up to 2 people per Company. Our advice is to involve the person in charge with the technical aspects of the business and the one who handles strategic aspects. On request, it is possible to participate in larger groups.


The Funnelling Bootcamp is a 2-day operational seminar. Alessandro Bentivoglio, the Bootcamp leader, and a dedicated consultant will guide you step by step with the aim of developing your very own marketing funnel.


No, all the Funnel Bootcamp® operational seminars are designed to turn theory into practice, so you can go back home with effective products you can use right away.

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Your satisfaction comes first

Every day, we strive to make entrepreneurs independent and free to run their business optimally, with clear, concrete processes based on real market figures and data.

The opinions of our customers are the measure by which we assess our actions.

Plan your growth path

An investment to make your business grow, supported by a team of experts and a dedicated consultant by your side.


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