Today, having a website is no longer a competitive advantage.

To succeed online, you need a funnel.

The visitor-to-lead conversion rate is 2-3% for most e-commerce websites, which creates considerable waste and a negative impact on the business economy.

Active Campaign

The marketing system for acquiring new customers constantly, without wasting time or money on advertising.

If you want to sell your products or services online, what you need is a Funnel Marketing strategy. Create a system to generate contacts interested in your solution, based on various types of funnel, so as to allow you to increase sales systematically and stand out from the competition.

4 key steps to creating a high-conversion funnel

The Ideal Customer

It is important to know your ideal customer’s “pain points”, so that you can create a solution that perfectly addresses these problems, thus encouraging your customers to seek you and your products out.

A Funnel for your Business

An automatic machine made up of various elements, the aim of which is to steer the user along a logical path by communicating value and encouraging him to complete an action. In order to make this path logical, it is important to identify with the ideal customer and to devise the most appropriate and persuasive path.

Persuasive Copy

Content is the most important aspect of our Funnel Marketing system because the Funnel is “simply” a pre-tested and functioning container, but what really makes the difference is the content you decide to place inside it.

Lead Nurturing

Very often, those who show interest in our business do not immediately decide to buy something from us. Providing them with useful content will certainly help to increase our credibility and make them choose us over others.

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