We help entrepreneurs and professionals scale their business through a marketing method, specific tools and a dedicated consultant.

Funnel Company is a consulting and training company that helps you grow and optimise the management of your marketing system.

Michele Tampieri

Michele Tampieri


Over the last 3 years, I’ve posted more than 500 social videos with a follow-up of thousands of followers and email lists. I have written the first book on funnels (“Funnel Marketing Formula”) and the book “Marketing Formula”.

Since September 2017, I have been a member of the “2CommaClub”, the exclusive club for those who reach an economic volume of over $1m with only one funnel.

Alessandro Bentivoglio

Alessandro Bentivoglio

CEO e Co-founder

The first – and currently the only – Italian consultant to have received the ClickFunnels Certification from Russell Brunson’s American Academy, the world’s No.1 in Funnel Marketing.

Every year, I travel to the United States to train with the world’s leading figures, and in 2016, at the ClickFunnels consultants’ certification programme in Boise, I won the Best Funnel Strategy Award alongside Michele Tampieri.

Last year alone, I developed more than 250 funnels in more than 50 different sectors.


Our values


Energy and courage, to turn goals into ambitious results.


Respect of our values and methods, to improve standards and delegation.


Accountability in cases of success and failure, to identify corrective actions and eliminate alibis.


Our promise, because to scale others we must do it first.


Give and demand an exchange of values, to improve the team spirit.


Our goal is to join the dots and provide real, high-value solutions to our customers.

The Funnel Company team

Yari Cosmai 
Business Developer

Eliano Ricci 
Team Marketing

Valentina Cavina
Team Marketing

Filippo Strazzacapa 
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Simone Annibali
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Mattia Duca
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Matteo Valdemarca 
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Mattia Ferretto
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Nicolò Gadda
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Romina Casadei
Team Amministrazione

Sara Bragalini
Team Customer Satisfaction

Mattia Astolfi
Consulente Media

Erika Lunedei
Team Customer Satisfaction

Marco Rebuzzi
Team Marketing

Andrea Lenzi
Team Marketing

Thomas Capanna
Team Marketing

Francesco Crosa
Team Marketing

Isidoro Rubio Martinez
Team Marketing

Matteo Bragagna
Team Consulenti

Davide Cella
Team Consulenti

Manabe Repici
Team Consulenti

Gloriana Battaglia
Team Consulenti

Francesco Cannoletta
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Pierre Menzione
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Nicola Fidenzio
Team Consulenti

Roberta Roccioletti
Team Consulenti

Elisa Cenni
Team Amministrazione

Alessandro Aquilanti
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Francesco Aquilanti
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Enea Righetti
Team Consulenti Aziendali

Antonella Marasi
Team Consulenti

Alfonso Cavallo
Team Consulenti

Giovanni Talente
Team Consulenti

Fabio Cordini
Team Consulenti

Patrizia Fraccola
Team Consulenti

Sonny Zanfardino
Team Consulenti

Our Goal

We strive to make companies and entrepreneurs independent and free to run their business. We set out to generate value, not just based on results, so as to create the greatest possible impact. Why? Our every action is intended to improve the social and business fabric and offer businesses a better future.


Our every action is intended to improve the social and business fabric and offer businesses a better future.

Our solutions are designed to make entrepreneurs independent and free to run their business optimally, with clear, concrete processes based on real market figures and data.

We want businesses to have the greatest impact in their industry, so as to change the world and make it a better place.


With an effective method, used by hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout Europe, providing a dedicated, all-round consultant for all their projects and the tools required to create the impact they want.


Marketing Formula® – Funnel Company’s practical method tested on over 5,000 companies.


Choosing the right tools can be very difficult. We help you by providing you with a set of tools for your growth.

A consultant at your side
A dedicated consultant will always be at your disposal for any support related to your business’ growth.

Let's scale your business. Together.

Funnel Company reflects a unique set of systems, experience and determination. It consists of a team of motivated, responsible, disciplined, enthusiastic and results-oriented people, operating in an environment that constantly pursues its own professional and personal growth.

Want to get to know us better?

Discover the Funnel Company method through 2 books that must absolutely feature on every entrepreneur’s desk today:
Marketing Formula® and Funnel Marketing Formula®.

Funnel Marketing Formula

Marketing Formula® New Book

My new book. Your guide to our systems for growth.

Marketing is a complex discipline, but when you have expert guidance and the right attitude, results will not be long in coming. This new book will give you the awareness you need to understand how to do marketing and achieve results.


Funnel Marketing Formula® 

This best seller provides a step-by-step plan to create your own funnel marketing system.

The 1st Book in Italy on Funnel Marketing to Learn how to Create your System to Acquire New Customers and to Sell (Practically!) Everything!

Plan your growth path

An investment to make your business grow, supported by a team of experts and a dedicated consultant by your side.