Implement your very first Funnel Marketing strategy

The first online training in Europe for the practical implementation of your very own marketing system, based on funnel marketing, which will accompany you step-by-step in the development of your strategy.

In less than 6 weeks, you’ll have learnt everything you need to know and have created everything you need to get started.

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Who does FunnelGO!® address?

You are launching and/or planning your business and need to choose your market.

Marketing manager
You have an ongoing business, but don’t have a sales (or lead generation) system/funnel.

You have an ongoing business but no marketing strategy; you are at a standstill and don’t know how to boost your growth.

Benefits of FunnelGO!

Based on your strategy and goals, we build a tailor-made marketing system, selecting the elements that will enable us to create a reliable, well-oiled machine.

Our method has been created to generate excellent medium-to-long-term performance.

Strategy for growth

You’ll learn all the crucial aspects of a new, concrete business outlook, adopting an all-essential growth mindset with a view to achieving your goals.

Learn the method

The course is structured to provide you with key, essential concepts that will enable you to become operational without wasting time on random notions.

Practical and concrete

You will learn to identify the 20% that will allow you to achieve 80% of results through a 9-step Funnel Marketing Formula®.



How is FunnelGO!® structured?

FunnelGO! is split into several themed sections designed to guide you through every step to create an effective funnel marketing strategy.


  • Online programme with 3 macro sections and 8 modules.
  • 2 bonus modules to optimise your marketing strategy and create quality videos designed to effect conversion.
  • Group devoted to Funnel Company students to request opinions, explanations and advice.
  • Q&A weekly live webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

FunnelGo® is the Funnel Company’s e-learning platform.  A specific online training path based on funnels, to support you step-by-step in developing your strategy.

FunnelGo® has as its sole objective that of helping you design a marketing system that will make you completely autonomous.

FunnelGo® is a unique online programme for entrepreneurs wishing to develop digital marketing strategies to scale their business. It is structured in 4 simple macro-areas: Strategy, Funnel Marketing, Advertising and Sales. This online programme teaches you everything you need to through step-by-step courses and exercises testing your acquired skills.

FunnelGo® does not have a set duration, adapting instead to the needs of every person who embarks on the journey. For those wishing to complete the path as soon as possible and put it instantly into practice, the average time to complete the course is 6-8 weeks.


Membership in FunnelGo® is unlimited.

As a member of FunnelGo®, you can join the Community. Every week, a Funnel Company consultant will hold a webinar to answer the group’s questions.

Your satisfaction comes first

Every day, we strive to make entrepreneurs independent and free to run their business optimally, with clear, concrete processes based on real market figures and data.

The opinions of our customers are the measure by which we assess our actions.

Plan your growth path

An investment to make your business grow, supported by a team of experts and a dedicated consultant by your side.