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Navigating multiple business strategies is never easy.

Check out how we design the right plan for your goals and an agile growth path supported by a dedicated consultant.

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What is Percorso 100X®?

A practical, agile growth path – and a one-of-a-kind in Europe – enabling you to develop an effective marketing plan for your business growth.

At the initial meeting, we will design your strategy and define your marketing and business goals.

There is no one-size-fits all strategy: to create yours, you’ll need to understand your potential micro-positioning, your ideal customer and your target market.

Based on your strategy and goals, we will build a tailor-made marketing system, selecting the elements that will enable us to create a reliable, well-oiled machine.

Our method has been created to generate excellent medium-to-long-term performance.

How is Percorso100x?

The right plan for your goals and an agile growth path supported by a dedicated consultant, with a view to optimising and enhancing your results.

A dedicated consultant
The Funnel Company will assign you a personal consultant, a professional at your disposal for any support related to your Marketing System.

FunnelGo® e-learning platform
The first online training in Europe for the practical implementation of your very own marketing system.

Themed Funnel Bootcamps® with the Experts Four 2-day operational Bootcamps (Seminars) covering specific topics in different marketing areas: Traffic, Conversion and Strategy.

Business Elevation

4 additional training events in a year, where high-level specialists will specifically address the following topics: Business Planning, Leadership, Economic / Financial Management and Monetising Expertise.

Benefits of the Funnel Company’s Percorso 100X®

Effective Strategy

Structure a path that steers users towards purchasing your products/services. Create the perfect Customer Journey for your customers.

Active Marketing System

Learn to create an active system, moving beyond the mere online presence of a website that does not allow you to interact with your leads during the initial stages of the Customer Journey.

Optimised Conversions

Obtain a system that will allow you to implement a continuous cycle of automatic sales, with the aim of converting each contact into a profiled customer.

Control over the Purchasing Process

Learn to create an ecosystem that can take your leads from the highest leg of the Customer Journey to the Conversion phase.

Create impact on your audience

Create an extremely vertical system capable of attracting more customers ready to make more purchases. Learn to anticipate the competition.

Support, monitoring and adjustment

We monitor processes to improve the user experience by optimising the purchasing process. And of course, we analyse all the variables together, during our consulting sessions.

Let's scale your business. Together.

Funnel Company reflects a unique set of systems, experience and determination. It consists of a team of motivated, responsible, disciplined, enthusiastic and results-oriented people, operating in an environment that constantly pursues its own professional and personal growth.

Join the Club of elite marketing companies

To celebrate the success of so many of our customers, we decided to create a unique club for Italy. This is the 100X Funnel Club, the exclusive circle of entrepreneurs who have produced a turnover of at least €100,000 through their marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sole purpose of the Funnel Company’s Percorso 100X® path is to help you attain the utmost strategic marketing expertise and awareness, so that you can really apply the theory and become independent in the optimal management of your business.

Percorso 100x is composed of phases built following a practical roadmap that is implemented under the supervision of the consultant. Each session is planned with your consultant based on your specific needs. The counseling sessions can be organized in an online video call.

We believe that the best way to make marketing management independent is through a collaboration of at least 12 months. This type of program can make a real difference to your business.

Project management is 100% personalized. A consultant will take care of following the project at 360 degrees, while the whole Funnel Company team will be ready to intervene vertically on the dynamics that develop according to the project.

Your satisfaction comes first

Every day, we strive to make entrepreneurs independent and free to run their business optimally, with clear, concrete processes based on real market figures and data.

The opinions of our customers are the measure by which we assess our actions.

Plan your growth path

An investment to make your business grow, supported by a team of experts and a dedicated consultant by your side.