Your business needs a Funnel

Until recently, the standard for bringing your business online was to have a website or e-commerce platform.

The problem with these systems is that they are too scattered, and, without well-structured advertising campaigns, they won’t be found by almost anyone.


Funnels respond to this shortcoming by creating an immediate and clear system that encourages users to take action (e.g. purchase a product or ask to be called to receive further information).

ClickFunnels allows you to create a funnel quickly and professionally, without the need for technicians and experts.

Why choose ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels stands out from other online marketing tools for 4 main reasons:


  • It already has everything you need to bring your business online (page creation, split testing, email marketing, affiliations, online course creation…)
  • It includes several ready-made templates of the funnels most useful to your business
  • It does not require any technical or programming expertise
  • It allows you to start selling your products online right away
  • It is quick and easy: with ClickFunnels, you can create your own funnels in less than an hour.

Learn to create your own funnels

Activate a free 14-day trial
Before you decide whether ClickFunnels is right for you, you can try all its features for 14 days free of charge.

Learn the basics with FunnelPRO
By subscribing to ClickFunnels you will get free access to FunnelPRO, the first Italian-language course that helps you move step by step toward the practical implementation of your funnel and your marketing system.

Start generating contacts with your first funnel!
Once you have the tool and training, you can create professional funnels in next to no time and start obtaining results right after the launch of your advertising campaigns.

Activate your ClickFunnels account!

ClickFunnels is a fast and effective software package ensuring the success of your landing pages. Learning to use this tool will offer you the chance to take your business to the next level, and to design, build and test your ideas much faster.

Various types of subscription are available, depending on your needs and experience:

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Frequently Asked Questions

ClickFunnels is a software package that enables you to create landing pages and funnels to acquire new customers and sales.

There are two plans with different limits and features: the $97/month plan enables you to create any kind of funnel, while the $297/month plan also includes email marketing and the management of affiliations.

Yes, you can try all the features of ClickFunnels for free for 14 days.

As an online application, ClickFunnels does not need to be downloaded or installed: simply connect to your account from any device, wherever you are!

ClickFunnels allows you to create a funnel from scratch or from a set template. You can add pages with various functions, collect data, send emails, run split tests, manage payments, and much more besides. It is potentially the only tool you need to acquire new customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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