Scale your business through database management

ConversionControl® is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) we have developed for all entrepreneurs and professionals wishing to increase their revenue and manage their contact database optimally.

Through the most advanced systems and a simple, user-friendly interface, you will be able to regain control of all your business processes and make the most of all the contacts you have already acquired through your marketing actions.

Benefits of ConversionControl®

CRM: Keep track of your contacts and optimise your conversions

Marketing: Aggregate data from your Marketing Campaigns.

Sales: Automatically assign leads to your agents and increase sales.

Invoicing: Automatically send invoices and receipts to your customers.

Control: Real-time dashboard to monitor marketing and sales.

3-step configuration

Express implementation

Once you have created your ConversionControl® account, we will help you connect your traffic sources and, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you will have a working, operational contact management system

Agent Management

Add your agents (all the people who have to do with your customers) and automatically assign your contacts to the right person so as to handle them at best and deliver optimal results.

Data measurement

Your job as an entrepreneur and controller is to monitor your data and use it to plan your next optimisation actions. With ConversionControl®, you’ll have everything to hand in a single tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

ConversionControl is a system that allows you to manage all your contacts sourced with various marketing tools in a single place. The aim is to have aggregate data in one place rather than dispersed through various instruments, with a view to processing it and obtaining a real-time overview of your company’s marketing and sales trends.

This will allow you to have control over the progress of your marketing strategies and the processing of contacts, to automate management processes, and ultimately to scale your business, thus increasing your turnover without necessarily spending more on advertising. Moreover, sales allocation allows you to focus your investments on the most profitable campaigns by linking sales revenue from telephone sales to marketing campaigns.

Training and consulting companies wishing to scale their business by exploiting the power of online marketing and in need of a single database for all their marketing, sales and profit data.


ConversionControl® allows you to get the most out of your customers, through improved management and processing of contacts generated by marketing actions. By applying mass marketing strategies, it allows you to increase your turnover without spending more on advertising. With ConversionControl, you can also increase the loyalty of your contacts and make the most of every Euro invested in marketing campaigns during the customer acquisition phase.


Today, acquiring a new customer costs 500% more than retaining an existing one. Increasing customer retention by just 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in business margins. Moreover, with the exponential increase in online competition, it has become increasingly important to have control over your contact management and retention strategies. ConversionControl helps you increase loyalty and thus increase revenue from your marketing contacts.


In order to guarantee sustainable corporate growth, it is not enough to acquire new customers – you need to manage and obtain the utmost from existing contacts.


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You can activate contact management with ConversionControl® in 3 simple steps and be instantly up and running. Connect your automatic data sources or upload your lists of existing contacts and start processing them immediately



Details of your contacts are entered automatically into ConversionControl® by connecting your data sources directly from your marketing platforms or other contact generation systems.


ConversionControl® is one of the few systems to have native integration with ClickFunnels, making it possible to read all the data collected by ClickFunnels.