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Every year since 2017, the American ClickFunnels has reconfirmed our membership of “2CommaClub”, the exclusive club for companies that reach an economic volume of over $1m with only a single funnel a year.

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We have entrusted the independent Trustpilot company, a world leader in its sector, with managing and analysing our customers’ opinion of the services of Funnel Company.

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Fenix Digital Group

“The only reason I wouldn’t recommend Funnel Marketing to a competitor is so as not to hand him a tool with which he could outdo me!”

Issue: The company’s positioning was unclear; customers weren’t fully aware that the company offered training as well as digital printing solutions.

Solution: Creation of a funnel to encourage leads to participate in an event, combined with an offline activity carried out by sellers to generate new subscriptions and keep the leads in the funnel

Results/Impact: The funnel and customer follow-ups made it possible to generate €400,000 with a single sale.

Gian Luigi Baiardo

“With the correct positioning, a sound offering, and a high-value product, Funnel Marketing is the most effective way to communicate that value.”

Issue: Low customer perception of the company’s value; difficulty acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

Solution: A funnel was set up, starting with a question posted on the opt-in page designed to make customers wonder about the quality of their regular product, as well as a lead magnet (tasting kit) designed to make them leave their contact details.

Results/Impact: Half an hour after the first funnel was launched, we had achieved 40 leads; after 90 minutes, the figure rose to 1800!


“Today, Americans no longer ask you if you have a website but what your funnel is. Why lag behind?”

Issue: Acquiring new customers

Solution: 5 steps were defined to insert leads into the funnel: a blog, access to 3 free videos, participation at an event, personal visits to the customer’s company, and finally creation of a specific programme.

Results/Impact: A new customer acquisition strategy was developed simply by adopting a new mindset. Funnel Marketing has increased the quality of our entrepreneurial way of thinking.

CFC Legal

“Funnels are not the future: they are the present, and if you don't already have one you're late compared to many others.”

Issue: Communicating the company’s services effectively to customers in order to obtain their trust through skill and professionalism.

Solution: Start the transition from professional to entrepreneur by opening up the company, working on its value ladder, and finally launching a funnel composed of videos and e-mails with high-value content.

Results/Impact: The target instantly raised in level, meaning that the cost of the service could be increased by 80%. In five months, online revenues exceeded €450,000, while offline revenues doubled.

Christine Schneider

“I also chose Funnel Marketing for an ethical reason, as it taught me to really put myself at the customer’s service.”

Issue: Difficulty finding an effective system for defining the brand’s positioning and developing consistent brand communication.

Solution: Funnel Marketing’s strategy was to create free events at trade fairs, and then move on to the sale of products and services.

Results/Impact: Within six weeks a complete course had been organised, attended by 20 architects and craftsmen. The funnel transmitted a sense of value and professionalism in a simple way, by sending leads the Funnel link via WhatsApp

Gianluca Cafagna

“A system that allowed us to invoice €1m in just six months!”

Issue: The cost of acquiring customers at trade fairs had become very high.

Solution: The marketing strategy adopted was to create a funnel split into several out-ins that sells free consulting through a sales video.

Results/Impact: In April 2020 alone, the company invoiced €340,000, while in the last half year turnover exceeded the €1m mark!

Pink wave

“To make kids perceive the true value of being part of a ‘be open, think wide’ family.”

Issue: Being able to approach new European markets remotely and in an automated manner by centralising the marketing system.

Solution: Creation of a specific funnel that can be duplicated and adapted to different geographical areas with a view to acquiring and retaining new customers.

Results/Impact: This strategy has made it possible to open up to new markets and to have more informed, more motivated candidates. Consequently, we have been able to expand the recruitment department across Europe, centralising it directly from the marketing department.

Rebecca Bianchi

“The funnel allowed me to reach out to people interested in motorcycling courses in a direct and targeted way”

Issue: Acquiring clients for the scheduled course dates: the school is a start-up and became operational in March 2020 during Covid-19

Solution: Funnel Marketing’s strategy was to create campaigns on Facebook with a targeted funnel so as to acquire continuous new contacts.

Results/Impact: In one month, even during the pandemic, sufficient contacts were obtained to manage the courses scheduled to take place from the time of resuming business to the end of the year.

Ramon Colombo

“I've long known what a funnel is and about its importance, but before this course I had never been able to put this “exciting process” into practice. It's great to have this 12th player on the pitch.”

Issue: Switching from manual to automated lead generation

Solution: Repetitive tasks were automated, and a new sales funnel created for existing products/services and new services/products “sellable” through funnel marketing. Another successful choice was that of involving employees in the course. Previously, we would have had to do everything independently, perhaps neglecting more strategic activities or in any case significantly slowing down the process.

Results/Impact: The best and most significant case involved the creation of a funnel for the sale of a video course (the first, recorded during an offline course, then edited and put online). 220 courses have been sold to date.

Silvia Galati

“Thanks to Funnel Marketing, I automatically receive commissions on sales and can organise my working day around my needs.”

Issue: Having an automated system to promote business.

Solution: The first part of the strategy is to choose the right company with high-ticket products to promote. Then, you use paid advertising on the main social media to generate new leads. Next, the phone sales team takes charge of the customer and closes the sale of “back-end” products. Finally, you collect your commission.

Results/Impact: Being awarded Russel Brunson’s “2 Comma Club” award for developing a funnel that produced more than $1m worth of sales!

Silvio Malvolti

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!”

Issue: Difficulty monetising site content and selling training courses at an appropriate price.

Solution: A high-ticket funnel was created to launch a biennial Academy on constructive journalism.

Results/Impact: With a 3-week campaign and an €873 budget, we gained 600 leads, conducted 60 interviews and registered 10 aspiring journalists (turnover €47,530)

Gianni Corelli

“Funnel Marketing helped me see opportunities that most people can’t see.”

Issue: Absolute lack of a strategy.

Solution: The strategy implemented consisted in identifying a precise target and focusing the communication on its problems and needs. Contacts that arrive through the funnel are handled through a free call to inform the lead about the best solution available, from one-to-one consulting to online or classroom-based courses, depending on their needs.

Results/Impact: The results were surprising, with the market value increasing considerably.

Emanuele Rissone & Mauro Lajo

“The funnel allowed us to come into contact exclusively with our target audience.”

Issue: Need to find new investors.

Solution: We started out with a funnel for lead generation, followed by one for the sale of the book. After purchasing the book, leads receive two “one time offers”: the first is to attend the event and the second is to purchase personalised coaching on the investment.

Results/Impact: The funnel allowed us to come into contact exclusively with our target audience. Including questionnaires in the funnel allowed us to expand our offering of products and services. Also, by applying funnel marketing to the equity crowdfunding organised during the fund raising phase we quickly generated €305,000 in turnover.

Alvaro Dal Canton & Mathias Veronese

“The foundations of marketing lie on having a great product.”

Issue: The company sells online financial training courses, with students scattered around the world (over 70 countries). As it doesn’t have a widespread sales network, it opted to go fully digital instead of organising traditional events.

Solution: Through Facebook Ads and YouTube, interested parties are invited to a Webinar where they learn more about the problems and solutions related to trading; those interested in continuing their studies can then book a free strategic consultation to help them better understand their situation and their objectives. In this way, only those who are really interested call, while others still receive information so as to understand what trading is and how not to be swindled.

Results/Impact: Between 2015 and early 2020, the company grew from 0 students to more than 4,000 and from 3 staff members to 15.

Jania Morelli

“Now I have my own marketing system.”

Issue: Having an automated and effective online customer acquisition system.

Solution: Funnel Community to attract new customers who subscribe free of charge to the closed Facebook group, are “warmed up” with weekly live events and high-value tutorials, and are then converted into sales either directly through live events or with other subsequent initiatives.

Results/Impact: In two months, the Facebook Community grew from 0 to 500 members, with around 40 viewers – between existing and new customers – for each live event

Silvia Montalti

“When you're the expert, you provide the solutions.”

Issue: Need for an automated customer acquisition system allowing the team of consultants to come into contact with profiled leads, thus definitely moving away from the outdated and unprofessional methods commonly used by online vendors/networkers

Solution: Development of an effective contact acquisition funnel by optimally profiling the ideal customer and defining a practically uncovered angle of attack on the market, resulting in obtaining a winning positioning by creating ad hoc value for the target audience.

Results/Impact: Through the strategy developed and the team’s training, our consultants’ expertise rose exponentially, thus making it much easier to retain the leads obtained through advertising and subsequently converting them into customers.

Arianna Pantosti

“Actions speak louder than words, and with funnel marketing actions become truly effective.”

Issue: Customers were starting to prefer online advertising over traditional advertising.

Solution: The Funnel Marketing strategy comprises three steps: a funnel to sell the method; reaching out to leads for a private consultation; and finally doing business with the customer.

Results/Impact: This new tool has provided clear guidelines to follow. With the right information, you can get straight to the point, therefore saving time and no getting lost in unnecessary details.

Davide Albanese

“A good funnel does exactly what an army of vendors would do.”

Issue: Acquiring more customers.

Solution: Creation of an ecosystem of mini-funnels, segmented into various targets and with a uniform initial offering for all. The funnel was set up using the target’s language so as to make leads feel understood and encourage them to place their trust in the company.

Results/Impact: The funnel does exactly what an army of vendors would do. Once it has been set up, it works independently and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Francesco Lorenti

“With Funnel Marketing, competition becomes secondary.”

Issue: We did not have a precise, well-defined strategy, or even a clear positioning. We had to learn to communicate our services and corporate values more effectively.

Solution: Funnel Marketing’s strategy is based on a content-rich blog. Interested parties can request a private consultation and participate in courses and seminars.

Results/Impact: With an investment of around €500 for the first campaign, within a week we had obtained over €20,000 in affiliations, with a 400% ROI.

Stefano Tarchi

“Perseverance pays off!”

Issue: Need to obtain new leads through online marketing, thus obtaining useful data to establish contacts with a view to making business deals.

Solution: A Lead Magnet was created (possibility of downloading an e-book free of charge) to acquire the email address of new leads. These were then added to an email marketing funnel, with a view to converting leads into customers.

Results/Impact: The company engages in continuous experimentation and optimisation; Funnel Marketing has had a very positive impact in generating new leads and converting existing ones.

Frank Lanterna

“I can now address my target audience directly.”

Issue: Having worked as a generic and B2B marketing specialist, I found it very hard to have to reinvent the wheel every time. It soon became clear that the best solution was to become a funnel marketing specialist.

Solution: Two funnels were created: the first was designed for those wishing to interface immediately with direct healthcare marketing; the second, which is payment based, is a micro-course on healthcare marketing, the purpose of which is not so much to indoctrinate medical staff on the importance of marketing, but to prepare them for what it’s all about.

Results/Impact: With these two funnels, we now address doctors directly, making everything simpler and more direct. What you might call the power of having a clear focus.

Carmine Improta

“With funnel marketing, increasing the scope of my business has never been so easy and fast!”

Issue: Expanding the scope of action from Tuscany to the entire country, something that the offline strategy adopted did not allow in a short space of time.

Solution: A funnel marketing system was adopted, operational 24/7, to disseminate valuable content for the automatic acquisition of new customers.

Results/Impact: Greater ability to set up a marketing strategy; more expertise and familiarity with the use of development software; more than 100 new contacts in less than a month after the launch of the first funnel; 100% of deals closed post-consultation.

Denis Caruso

“Through Funnel Marketing, today we only meet those who really want to listen to us.”

Issue: Potential customers no longer have time for lengthy consultations, making it important to be able to communicate the services on offer effectively and automatically.

Solution: The main funnel designed consists in a page intended to trigger the awareness of a need in the reader, warming them up to the idea of participating in a training course.

Results/Impact: Through funnel marketing, customers now contact us for more information, not the other way round.

Stefano Cesare Palazzi

“A funnel is like a seed: you simply have to plant it and wait for the fruits to grow.”

Issue: Enhancing the brand and standing out from the competition.

Solution: Creation of a multi-step funnel to retain users. Leads entering the funnel receive a free training diagnosis, a consultation, and finally a paid-for technical diagnosis.

Results/Impact: Requests for consultations have become so numerous that we have had to train people especially in order to manage them. The process is gradual, but investment always yields results.

Orlando Ciavattella

“A funnel is not just the path a lead must follow before making a purchase proposal, but also the one the company must follow to make that proposal irresistible.”

Issue: Finding more innovative strategies to publicise the business.

Solution: In the Funnel Marketing strategy adopted, the opt-in contains a sentence that identifies the target and states how the company stands out from its competitors. The funnel continues with a value page promoting the services offered, and finally a starter kit is offered.

Results/Impact: The conversion rate has reached 95% of those receiving a free sample.

Domenico Mancuso & Tino Bassu

“The measurability of results means that those who invest in funnel marketing can do so with complete peace of mind.”

Issue: The business was scaling too quickly, and we couldn’t keep up.

Solution: The Funnel Marketing strategy adopted consists in a video that discusses the benefits of local social marketing, visible free of charge upon leaving an email address, and then in making use of that contact detail to offer a free consultation. This made it possible to automate a process that used to take hours.

Results/Impact: Only in the last campaign, a 1322% ROI was registered

Eddy Buffalo

“Through the funnel, I was able to “split myself in two”, to create my own virtual sales agent, available 24/7.”

Issue: Presenting services to new customers took too long and sometimes resulted in losing them, especially as I couldn’t afford an employee.

Solution: To create a funnel marketing system with a “virtual sales agent” in charge of making service presentations 24/7.

Results/Impact: In just one year, our branches doubled, and the following year turnover increased by 400%, making it possible to take on two employees.

Marco Nescatelli

“Rather than just selling you a tool for greater visibility, funnel marketing teaches you a new way of thinking.”

Issue: Difficulty communicating services to potential customers.

Solution: The Funnel Marketing strategy involved creating a sales page illustrating my “7-exercise system” and allowing users to join a free trial describing the 7 stages involved in the method and to access the registration form.

Results/Impact: Given the same level of investment, 100 times more customers were obtained compared to the past.

Alberto Gabbi

“I now know I can create a machine that works with or without me.”

Issue: Selling a stretching video more effectively

Solution: Creation of a structured funnel generating an automated and ongoing flow of leads.

Results/Impact: 2467 leads were generated with a single campaign  and a very low cost per lead: just €0.24!

Andrea Riccio

“We entrepreneurs shouldn't spend our days looking for, chasing and convincing new customers. The funnel is the tool for us.”

Issue: Having too many customers and too little time to manage them.

Solution: To create a funnel ecosystem that effectively communicates the value of the services offered and attracts different types of targets, as well as retaining existing customers.

Results/Impact: The funnel works independently: it not only attracts new, pre-profiled customers, but it works them for days so that they reach the company already convinced that they want to use the service.

Annie Portinari

“I like to think of the right user finding our advert at the right time and thinking: that’s exactly what I was looking for (even though I didn't know I needed it)!”

Issue: Automatically acquiring new target customers.

Solution: The leads obtained through the funnel are offered a free and impartial energy audit.

Results/Impact: Acquired leads didn’t merely stop at the free audit received, but made new requests resulting in new surveys. Moreover, through the initial data collection phase, a considerable amount of time was saved in unnecessary appointments.

Marco Abbruzzese

“Within two years, in Italy, as in America, everyone will have a funnel and websites will be considered old hat.”

Issue: By relying on web agencies focused on “old-fashioned” image promotion strategies, we spent a lot of money on landing pages with very low conversion rates.

Solution: Funnel Marketing’s strategy was to attract potential customers on Facebook into a funnel which delivered coupons.

Results/Impact: In the first two weeks alone, 450 leads were collected and 8 subscribers out of 10 came to the restaurant.

Augusto Rubino

“Funnel marketing is another step forward in the great digital revolution that is giving everyone the chance to reach an incredibly large audience.”

Issue: Acquiring customers

Solution: The funnels used last a maximum of one or two weeks. Through a sponsored Facebook post addressing a specific target, the user clicks on an ad and enters a mini-funnel presenting a property to its full potential.

Results/Impact: The average cost per customer is about €50, and potential customers generate profits of €15,000/20,000 each!

Francesca Caputo & Michela Canova

“The Funnel provides measurable results, which means you can make little adjustments on the way, thus improving your aim and your performance.”

Issue: Acquiring new customers

Solution: To define the brand positioning and identity as compared to the competition, launch a funnel, and finally work on the company’s value ladder, identifying its front-end offering.

Results/Impact: A conversion rate of 67% was achieved with a single funnel.

Paolo Salemi

“More contacts, more contracts.”

Issue: Despite having the right product at the right time, it was difficult to find partners / distributors in different countries with which to start a lasting distribution collaboration.

Solution: B2B campaigns targeting different territories with two aims: to find an exclusive distributor per territory, and to search for workshops for the “workshop project” supporting distributors.

Results/Impact: The funnels used on Facebook campaigns have made it possible to sign various distribution contracts in various territories, choosing from a wide number of possible partners.

Virginia Dallara

“Having a strategy is important, because it should be clear - long before we tap the market - what we expect to achieve and, above all, who we wish to address.”

Issue: Reaching target customers faster

Solution: To offer a first free consultation through the funnel and then encourage the purchase of one months’ supply of recommended foodstuffs.

Results/Impact: A 4-day sponsorship leading to a funnel through a video resulted in 17 consultancy requests and 5 new clients.

Roberto Giavoni

"We can do this ™️ 💪 #insiemesivince🇮🇹"

Issue:  Finding an effective way to be followed along one’s personal growth path and to tackle the web, which nowadays requires a specific expertise and mindset.

Solution: The Funnel Marketing strategy was to attract customers through a lead magnet – a $100 discount voucher – so as to encourage consultations enabling the proposal of different travel solutions.

Results/Impact: In just a couple of weeks, the community reached more than 400 members!

Sonny Zanfardino

“Through the funnel I have been able to create my very own trusted sales agent, devoted 24/7 to achieving business growth.”

Issue: Anyone can bring in new business customers or increase revenues online, but no one can automate business processes while increasing revenues and optimising the use of time.

Solution: The “5 Step to ROI” method makes it possible to increase corporate earnings by applying business models based on the online market and using fully automated processes.

Results/Impact: Through the funnel, it has been possible to create a sales agent devoted 24/7 to achieving business growth.

Nico Albano

“Entrepreneurs should have an overall strategic vision that, to date, only Funnel Marketing can teach and guarantee you.”

Issue: Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

Solution: To understand the positioning of the services offered, identify the different types of targets, and start a campaign offering a free 30-minute consultation directly in the salon.

Results/Impact: Acquired leads were converted into customers who turned up at the salon and received a specialist consultation, resulting in a specific, targeted treatment and instant customer loyalty.

Gianni Solieri

“Funnels bring in new customers who are not only attracted by an offer, but are also absolutely convinced of its value.”

Issue: Selling and earning outside store opening hours, without having to work 7 days a week.

Solution: Funnels bring in new customers who are attracted by an offer and are absolutely convinced of the value of the service offered, chosen consciously and serenely.

Results/Impact: The Funnel Marketing strategy adopted has made it possible to acquire new targeted customers 24/7.

Gennaro Barbaro

“The funnel is a process that guides leads in your direction. All you have to do is be ready to welcome them open armed.”

Issue: Replicating the working model and making it more feasible for colleagues working in this area.

Solution: Several funnels were created for different targets, starting from a free book and then also developing a “customer acquisition kit”.

Results/Impact: 1000 copies of the book were requested and 50 new students acquired, while the customer acquisition kit made it possible to find new partners as well as new customers.

Eva Embrunito

“A funnel allows you to invest your resources in a targeted manner and ensures reliable, measurable results.”

Issue: Lack of effective communication to help avoid losing potential customers and thus increase the number of subscribers.

Solution: The funnel has become an indispensable element of the company’s advertising campaigns, through the creation of a simple page rich in content and photos and the launch of a free open week. 

Results/Impact: The open week has resulted in 95% targeted attendance and 80% more subscribers than the previous year.

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